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Plexiglass Shields and Screens

For almost two decades, Heaven’s Gift has been assisting venue owners i.e. corporate companies, hotels and restaurants to create special events and developing event solutions. As we resume Phase 2, we need to keep our customers and staff safe and minimise the potential spread of COVID-19, while still ensuring an elegant and non-intrusive dining and working experience. Our *Plexiglass dining shields and screens are designed specifically for elegant and safe outlook for offices, hotels and restaurants. The shields and screens are made up of highest grade of acrylic materials and it is as transparent as glass and yet stronger than glass. And as events people ourselves, we are very much aware how the banquet works, hence our *Plexiglass dining shields are easy to install, modular in designs and aesthetically elegant for corporate and social events.
*Plexiglass Dining Shields – Your right choice of protective shields for Hotels and Restaurants
*Patent Pending
  • *Acrylic Dining Shield for Oblong Table

    This is suitable for 6ft by 3ft table or 6ft by 2.5ft table. Our single shield panel is 900mm by 900mm by 5mm. It is modular in design so you can add on panels to make it a longer table for more seatings
  • *Acrylic Dining Shield for Round or Oval Table

    This is suitable for 5ft round or 6ft round table or even oval table. Our single shield panel is 900mm by 900mm by 5mm. Our panels are modular in design and it is flexible to form 4 seating to 8 seating.
  • *Acrylic Curved Table Shield for Reception Counter Top

    Looking for Curve Table Shield? We can customise them in 3mm acrylic sheets for all types of offices reception counter

Key Features of Heaven's Gift Plexiglass Shields

"They are so transparent as glass, that we don't even feel we have a shield between us and our guests, and we can dine-in in peace and enjoy one another's company as we chat and laugh freely."

We have designed and customised our Plexiglass Shields to make them :

  1. Aesthetically elegant, designed specially for Hotel and Restaurant
  2. Modular in design, easy to install to form long or round table
  3. Modern & sleek, tall enough to shield guests who seat or stand
  4. High quality acrylic and as transparent as glass
  5. Portable & stable, no drill required
  6. Most importantly to protect your guests during dining as you host corporate or social events in Phase 3
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Plexiglass Counter Shield

For corporate offices, hoteliers or retail owners who are looking to have protection screens that are elegant, and not intrusive as a divider, our Plexiglass Screens are the obvious choice to consider for your lounge area, workspace or even your gym area.

Our screens are made up of stainless steel and high quality grade acrylic sheet, and they are sleek in design and modular, so you can customise them to the size of the area you want to cover. Our standard transparent screens is 1.2m length by 1.8m or 2m height, and they are available in castors and non castors version.

For more info or bulk purchases, pls email our Sales team at or call us at +6562200378 / +65 9627 4293 / + 65 9699 3478.

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