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Skills Training Programme in Wedding Planning

Have you always wanted to be a Wedding Planner but do not really understand what the job entails?
Or are you looking to deepen your knowledge in wedding planning and master your skills as a professional planner to grow your career further?

If you have answered yes to either of the above, Heavenʼs Gift “Skills Training Programme in Wedding Planning” will be the one to enrol in. This intensive 5 day programme combines classroom training with practical face to face coaching, focusing on topics that will give you the knowledge and skills to kick start and further your wedding planning career. You will be guided by industry veterans, who will provide you intensive vocational knowledge and impart valuable insights from customer handling, vendor management, to pricing and crafting a successful event.

Following this Skills Training Programme, you will qualify to enrol in our “Apprenticeship Programme for Wedding Specialists” where you will further strengthen your wedding planning discipline and kick start your own business properly in the wedding industry. You will also have the opportunity to understudy experienced mentors in the industry.

To gain the most out of our Skills Training Programme, you will need to:

  • have a Pass in GCE “O” Level English or equivalent
  • be competent in Microsoft Office tools
  • possess presentation skills
  • be above 18 years old
  • Language: English Only

To register, contact +65 62200378 or email

– Our intake per class is small, to keep the sharing intensive and beneficial.
– An pre-programme interview will be conducted for registered students with founders of Heaven’s Gift Academy.
– Assessments will be conducted in the duration of this programme to determine the aptitude of students at the end of the programme.


Course Outline and Synopsis

Wedding Planning Fundamentals

The Wedding Industry is fast becoming a booming one, but how has such a milestone event evolved to be what it is today? As an introduction, you will learn about the industry and the job scope, the attitudes and aptitudes required to be a professional wedding planner. You will learn the skills to help you identify the personality type and needs of a client, and apply to the tasks required in the full wedding planning process to achieve high customer satisfaction and event success.

  • The history of weddings and the local industry environment
  • The role of the Wedding Planner
  • Customer personality matching formula
  • Conducting an effective interview with a potential customer
  • Wedding planning process overview – from understanding Client’s needs to actual deployment


The Anatomy of a Successful Wedding

How successful a wedding is in the eyes of a client will be the measuring yardstick for your success as their wedding planner. Success is measured by how well you are able to recognise the scope of their event, from evaluating their budget, to recommending venues and all wedding vendors that would suit their style and requirements. Beyond this, you will be taught to understand and use the right terminology in the course of communicating with all wedding vendors from venues and bridal boutiques, to florists and artists, so as to be able to demonstrate your professionalism when coordinating and managing client and vendor relationships.

  • Knowing the Industry Wedding Vendors – Venue Owners, Bridal Boutiques, Floral Designers, Artists etc
  • The essential disciplines in working with Wedding Vendors
 including knowledge and application of terminology for each field
  • Matching the right vendors for the right client personality type


Designing a Wedding and How to tell your Client’s Story

Besides ensuring that a wedding is planned seamlessly, it has to be a reflection of your client’s vision of their Big Day. You will learn the essentials of creating a quality mood board that not only allows you to communicate and manage your vendors effectively, but more importantly allows you to establish yourself as a creative professional who is able to draw out your client’s hidden desires through the aesthetics and experiences on their wedding day.

  • The difference between Concept Design and Wedding Styling
  • Understanding your Clientʼs story
  • The essentials in creating a quality mood board
  • Working effectively and managing your Creative Partners
  • Integrating wedding rituals and customs into design


The Essentials and Practical Skills of a Wedding Planner

In this segment, besides learning the legal and customary processes of getting married, you will learn and practice how to guide and conduct ceremonies and briefings with helpers and venues. You will also be taught how to create practical yet comprehensive checklists and schedules to ensure smooth execution of every detail of a wedding. Through first hand accounts, you will learn the fundamentals of managing relationships so as to enhance your role as a professional wedding planner.

  • Legalities of getting married in a civil ceremony vs a religious ceremony
  • Details of a customary Chinese ceremony
  • The essentials in creating a wedding schedule and managing the guest lists
  • Banquet event orders and how to close an event with accountability
  • Wedding Etiquettes and Practices
  • Managing relationships and roles of family members and friends
  • Pitfalls to avoid when managing all levels of relationships in a wedding


About Heaven’s Gift Academy (HGA)

Heaven’s Gift Academy (HGA) is the educational arm of Heaven’s Gift Pte Ltd, dedicated to providing the highest level of skills training and coaching to weddings and events professionals, and we aim to supply HGA graduates of the highest calibre and integrity into the workforce of the Wedding and Special Events Industry in Singapore and Asia.

Heaven’s Gift, founded by Hannah Chong, has been the leading special events design company in Singapore and South East Asia for more than 14 years. Known in producing innovative and sophisticated events with a consistent commitment to precision and creativity, Hannah desires to see the next generation of professional wedding planners, professionally trained and equipped with skills to grow the wedding and event industry.

With this vision in mind, Heaven’s Gift Academy is birthed. We aim to impart industry knowledge, business know-how and strategies to our students and apprentices so that they can become highly sought-after crème de la crème in the Wedding and Special Events Industry in Singapore and Asia.