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Wedding Planning Exploration Class

Are you looking for an exciting career that combines your passion for creative pursuits with your talents in putting together the perfect party? Are you wondering if you should follow your heart and take that leap into the dynamic wedding industry?

Our Exploration Class is designed for individuals who have a desire to enter the wedding industry but wishes to know more before taking that great leap. In this intensive 2-day course, you will gain insights into the dynamic world of weddings and learn what it truly takes to be a successful planner for your clients.

Through the sessions, a personality and written assessment, and a personal one-on-one consultation session with Hannah or Kim, the Exploration Class will provide all you need to help you make an informed decision.

Upon completion you will:

  • Gain an understanding of the wedding industry
  • Be familiar with the role of a wedding planner
  • Gain a deeper insight into the anatomy of a wedding
  • Learn about the different vendors involved in a wedding
  • Undertake a personality test that will help you understand how to maximise your unique strengths
  • Complete a written assessment based on what you have learned in the course
  • A one-on-one consultation session is arranged separately before you fully complete this exploration course

The above will give you a good insight into the business of wedding planning, and whether you are ready to plunge and commit to it full time.