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Under Corporate Special Events

  1. What are Special Events? My company needs an agency to run our product launch – would you be able to undertake this job?

    At Heaven’s Gift, we define Special Events as an occasion, be it a social or a corporate occasion, that requires a professional firm like ourselves to conceptualise, plan and execute. Special events can be private or social celebrations like marriage proposals, weddings, anniversaries or celebrations, and for corporates, they can be product launches, galas or even branding campaigns. In order for us to evaluate if we are able to produce your event or launch your campaign, we will always conduct a requirements meeting with you first to evaluate your needs, budget and expectations, before we can advise if we are able to produce your event.
  2. My company has done many galas and I am looking for a very creative and capable company to make my next event spectacular. Does Heaven’s Gift have the resources to create such an event?

    Our consultants are all trained specialists in their respective fields and we possess our own in-house team of designers with various skillsets. In addition, we do work with established partners in Singapore and overseas, to create the WOW experience for you and your guests. Be it a company gala, launch event, or even a wedding, we hold true to our motto: Your Story, Our Inspiration; so long as you have a vision/dream to share with us, we will make it come true beyond your imagination!
  3. Our company’s headquarters is located overseas, and we would like to consider hiring your team to plan and execute our gala there. Do you have the expertise to do that?

    Our forte in creating beautiful concept events locally have allowed us to create the same for our clients in foreign lands. We have also established a network of partners overseas to ensure that we can provide you with all the resources needed to fulfill the vision we propose for your event.

Under Weddings

  1. We want to know more about your services before we decide to engage you to plan our wedding, will there be any charges for the initial consultation?

    At Heaven’s Gift, we provide you and your fiancé with a free non-obligatory consultation on your first visit with us. We will help you discover more about your dream wedding, giving you an understanding of the concept behind designing theme weddings, as well as an overview of our services. At the end of your visit, you will be more equipped to go about managing your wedding plans. Both of us can also use this session to evaluate if we have chemistry with each other because no matter what, we will have to be comfortable with each other and you will have to be able to give us your trust to design and manage your Big Day for you.
  2. We will be handling some of the wedding planning ourselves, but we would like to engage Heaven’s Gift for actual day coordination only, is that possible?

    The team at Heaven’s Gift prides ourselves on personalizing your wedding. As long as we are given the scope to create your wedding design, and to make your wedding one that is uniquely yours, we will be delighted to be engaged for a selected scope. If you only require us to run the actual day event by managing the suppliers and ensuring that the day runs smoothly for you to enjoy the day with your loved ones, without managing any design scopes, we do have a team of trained and experienced Wedding Specialists who will start working with you 2 months prior to your Big Day, to coordinate your suppliers, highlight any loose ends for tying down, and essentially ensure that your wedding runs like clockwork, and to enable you to focus on what truly matters to you on this important occasion.
  3. We have a budget set aside for our event. Can Heaven’s Gift work within our constraints and not push us towards a direction that we cannot afford?

    Our first goal is always to help you identify your required services and also to structure your event budget. Our consultants will then proceed with the deployment of resources within the budget that has been agreed upon. If we cannot work within your price range, we will not take the job, as we will never forsake your budget.
  4. My fiancé and myself are based overseas, but would like to hold an event in Singapore. Is Heaven’s Gift able to manage the conceptualization and coordination of our event independently and in our absence?

    Majority of our clients are actually either based overseas, or travel extensively for work, and hence, we are very accustomed to having to work around our clients’ requests even in their absence. We have crafted our planning processes in an extremely detailed and efficient manner such that most of our discussions and plannings with clients can be conducted via email or video conferencing.
  5. My fiancé is a foreigner, and we have different cultures and practices to observe for our wedding. Is Heaven’s Gift equipped to manage mixed cultures marriages, and also to advise us on the various practices to follow?

    Our consultants are trained in handling various wedding cultures, be it local or selective wedding practices such as Chinese, Indian, Protestant, Military, or even Jewish weddings. Should we come across specific wedding practices that we are not familiar with, we will be most happy to sit down with you and your fiancé to find out more about his culture. Rest assured that we will also be doing extensive research to ensure that all related practices are observed.
  6. Does Heaven’s Gift have its own florists, photographers, makeup artists and designers, or do you outsource the wedding scope of work to the service providers?

    Basically, our Creative and Director and specialists design and own all wedding theme concepts and drawings, and we work with our selected partners/contractors to execute the final product according to what we have designed. We will directly manage and deliver the stage design, floral, sound and lighting enhancements, favours or stationery designs.
    For the other non-concept related aspects like photographers, videographers or bridal gown designers, you will choose your preferred vendors, and we will act as wedding coordinator to consolidate and manage your other vendors as part of our role in the planning.
  7. Should I engage Heaven’s Gift if I just want to plan a marriage proposal or a small private party?

    If you feel that you do not have the time or expertise, or if you want to have professional help to create an impression and have set aside a budget to do so, you can definitely call on us to plan any event for you. We have helped our clients create lasting and beautiful memories of their marriage proposals and birthday parties in the past. For us, no event is too small – if you have a dream, we will be the ones who can create that dream into reality!
  8. We love some of the pictures shown on your website, are we allowed to download and use them?

    The pictures on our website are copyrights of Heaven’s Gift and our partners. Should you wish to use any of our pictures, please do write to us to purchase the pictures. We regret that unauthorised usage of our pictures will be penalised.

Under Master Classes

  1. I do not have any experience in wedding planning or events planning. Can I take up your training courses?

    Yes! A good course for you to start off would be our Exploratory Course, whereby you can evaluate if you are well suited for this career, before you dive into this industry without any prior knowledge. After completing and passing the Exploratory Course, you can proceed to take up our Beginners Course, where you will be taught the fundamentals of the job of a wedding planner, and more importantly, how to startup this career as a sustainable business. We will also be creating opportunities for you to undergo on-the-job learning with established wedding-related firms through this course, so as to complement with the classroom training you have undergone.
  2. What would I gain out of your courses?

    Our courses are formulated for progressive learning for those who have no or little experience in weddings or events planning, and for those of you who have some experience in this field, we will be collaborating with established professionals to provide you with invaluable insights into the industry, which you may not be aware of. We will also bring in business trainers and coaches to mentor you, so that your progress will be constantly monitored over a fixed duration after completing the course, to ensure that you will always have guidance in the initial phases of embarking on this career.
  3. Will I be guaranteed a position in Heaven’s Gift or in another wedding/events planning firm after completing your courses?

    We are not able to guarantee that as job recruitment for any company would very much depend on the business needs of the company, as well as the applicant’s aptitude and attitude at that season. Our course objectives are to help you evaluate if this is a career path you wish to undertake, and if so, to equip you with the professional and business skills with a supporting community to pave your way towards success.
  4. How big is each class? How will I know when each module’s commencement date?

    For each module to commence, we are looking to start a class when we have 6 enrolments but not more than 8 students in each course. We believe in keeping each class small so that interaction with the trainers will be ample, and attention to each student by our trainers will be focussed and maximised. We will be uploading our course calendar at the end of every quarter, to display the dates of the next quarter’s calender. For instance, our 4th quarter course calendar will be uploaded on (url tbc) by August 2016. You can also email to to suscribe to our course notification e-letter.
  5. Are we registered with any government bodies so that I can use government subsidies to pay for these courses?

    At this point in time, because of our focussed scale and niche specialty, we are not listed with any schemes that will allow you to use government subsidies.

Under Corporate Speaking Engagements

  1. Who are your speakers, and what topics would they typically speak on?

    Our Directors, Hannah Chong & Kim Tay are one of key speakers’ pool. Both of them are well versed to speak on topics regarding Creative Entrepreneurship, Special Events Design, and Serving Couples in the Luxury Wedding Market. They have also customized topics to suit different event objectives. In addition, with our network of speakers and trainers we have curated under Leap Inspire LLP, we also have the necessary resources to provide other relevant speakers matching to your training needs. As long as your training needs are pertaining to Creative Entrepreneurship and Special Events Consultancy, we will be the right speaking partners for you.
  2. What are the speaker fees?

    We will like to evaluate your needs first before working out a proposal that will suit your needs. Our speaker fees can depend on a number of different factors, including: the topics to be focused and speak, number and duration of speaking sessions, the type of organization and nature of an event (for-profit vs. not-for-profit), how far a speaker has to travel etc. Additional expenses such as travel and lodging are not included in the speaker fees. Do drop Hannah & Kim a request respectively at and, and they will be happy to assist you with further queries
  3. How can I become a speaker or trainer with you?

    If you are a professional in the weddings or events industry, and wish to impart your skills and knowledge to the younger generation, or if you are a professional business trainer or coach in the arena of Creative Entrepreneurship, please send in your resume to Hannah and Kim and they will be in contact with you personally.