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how we conduct in our HGA intro video  and What does it take to be a wedding planner? 

How can I continue to grow in my skills well to be a better catering sales manager in my hotel?

How can I be equipped to know and provide more to meet today’s couple’s needs and wants?

What should I do to be successful in my  event planning enterprise? 

These are the common questions we hear in the wedding and event industry. Today, Heaven’s Gift Academy has a platform for both face to face masterclasses and online certified training, made available for the wedding and events industry players.

Skills Training in Wedding Planning


Heaven’s Gift Academy is the educational arm of Heaven’s Gift Pte Ltd, dedicated to provide the highest level of skills training and coaching to Wedding and Event Professionals. Heaven’s Gift Pte Ltd, founded by Hannah Chong, has been the leading Special Event Design company in Singapore and South East Asia of more than 19 years. Known for producing innovative and sophisticated events with a consistent commitment to precision and creativity, we desire to see the next generation of wedding planners professionally trained and equipped with skills to grow the Wedding and Event Industry.

In Heaven’s Gift Academy, our students will be guided by industry veterans and experts, who will provide them with intensive vocational knowledge and valuable insights from customer handling, vendor management, to pricing and marketing strategies to craft a successful wedding and event business. Find out more about the series of masterclasses we are currently conducting, as well as a catch a glimpse how we conduct our courses in our HGA intro video .
If you want to know more about masterclasses topics, contact us via whatsapp +6562200378 or email us at

Speaking engagement with the Tourism and Exhibition Authority of Bahrain

Speaking Engagements

Our Founder, Hannah Chong is all for empowering and grooming today’s generation of creative entrepreneurs towards excellence and success. She strongly believes that an artisan must be passionate about what he does and excel in his art, but most importantly, he must be able to perform well in his business. There are no shortcuts in entrepreneurship, especially so in the creative trade. Catch a glimpse of our founder’s vision in this Vision Video.

Hannah is proficient in speaking/training on the areas of Entrepreneurship, Special Events Design and Serving Couples in the Luxury Markets. Over the years, she has been engaged to speak and share her experience and expertise to entrepreneurs, executives as well as tertiary students. Speak to us today to find out more about tailoring a talk for your corporate needs. For more information on customising a talk for your corporate needs, contact us here.

Online Courses for Weddings & Event Planners

Heaven’s Gift Academy is the South East Asia virtual campus of The International Academy of Wedding & Event Planning, a global leader in the area of wedding & event planning, styling & design education and has produced more than 3000 graduates today from around the world via its virtual campuses. Find out more the wedding planning and event planning courses you can register and be certified for the dropdown bar from our Heaven’s Gift Online Courses link.

With the integrated face to face masterclasses and our online certification courses, we aim to provide continual learnings to the wedding and event players in Asia, and to supply HGA graduates with the highest calibre and integrity into the workforce of the Wedding and Special Event Industry in Singapore and Asia. We also believe in creating a collaboration platform for our students and graduates to further grow their network in this industry.

Masterclasses & Workshops

Below is the list of workshops we hold for the event and wedding industry players.