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Creative Selling in Weddings & Special Events

Do you experience problems in identifying the right client for your Wedding and Special Event business?

Do you face difficulties in inspiring your Client on their Vision for their event, communicating that vision effectively and translating it into sales for your team?

Through this 2-days intensive course, you will be introduced to the job scope of a Wedding and Special Event Planner as a professional career, and learn the skills to help you identify and profile various personality types of a client, so as to utilise the appropriate soft skills for more effective sales closure.

You will also learn the essentials of creating a quality mood board that not only allows you to communicate and manage your Client’s expectations, but more importantly allows you to establish yourself as a creative professional who is able to draw out your client’s hidden desires through the aesthetics and experiences on their wedding day, thereby inspiring them to spend more with you.

Curriculum is competency-based, taught through hands-on activities, scenario role-play and experiential learning. Language: English Only.

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– Our intake per class is small, to keep the sharing intensive and beneficial.
– Assessments will be conducted in the duration of this programme to determine the aptitude of students at the end of the programme.