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A Timeless Wedding in Bristol, UK.

When we first met Tze Lin & Sebastian, they truly are one of the sweetest couples ever met. Simple, sincere and kind.
We remember the only reason they hired Hannah as a planner is simply because of the chemistry.
We have never done any wedding in UK, but we have done so many destination weddings that we have found our HG formula to run a destination wedding well in simply 2 site visits. Interestingly, for this lovely couple, we actually only have 1 site visit.

Somehow when you are kind, Heaven’s door is open wide for you. We manage to get all our suppliers all done in 2 days and only in 1 overseas trip, despite of the distance. At the end, while we helped our couple to save as much cost, and purchase the cheapest ticket, Hannah ended up get bumped up in business class. And it was needful for her, because it was also a trip when Hannah’s mum was very ill in hospital, and she flew up alone to handle this wedding, and all she needed was to finish the event well, while trusting Heaven to take care of her mum and family.

One thing we learnt at the end of this trip :
When you do your best to serve your client regardless of your personal situations, the God in Heaven will take care of you and the ones you love.