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Bali – Exchanging Vows on Water

Hannah’s conceptualising moment : I really love Bali, it is a second home to me. It is such a pity I have not hired any video crew to capture footage for most of the destination weddings.

Yet the truth was : the couples God has sent for me for Bali were all amazing and truly kind and loving couples. Many have kept in touch, and witnessing them sharing their kids growing up is a joy I cherish much. So what can I say about Bali destination weddings – when you are in Bali, take time to smell the roses even in the crazy mass of tourists and traffic jams. Be chilled and trust God for weather. I have done so many events here and rain plan was always a question. Yet even in the sight of dark clouds, strong winds and seemingly threatening weather conditions, not once we experience rain in the actual moments of the weddings.

Yes, that’s my infamous quotes : ” If you are kind, Heaven is always on your side.”. And looking back, God has blessed me with so many kind couples that often I still stand in awe of the wonders of nature at work in every of our events. To God be the Glory!