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St Regis Bridal Show 2015 – Cirque De L’Amour

Every year, we aim to create a different show concept with St Regis Singapore. This year’s theme is no exception – we called it the “Cirque de L’Amour”

In Heaven’s Gift, we always strive to design a show that depicts uniqueness and creativity from the norm, and yet at the same time, it gives inspirational ideas for our couples to imagine what they can do for their weddings i.e. To Engage, To Entertain and to Enjoy!

What excites us most is the energy everyone puts in for the 3hr showcase. From the stationery, the decor, to the partners’ booth and the programme, it was well thought of and put in with much efforts to depict the essence of the theme. And most importantly, the guests enjoyed the show, and we met our goals.

So here is a glimpse of what we have whipped out 2 Suns ago, it was an extravaganza experience.