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English Love – Transforming Oriental Hotel into An English Heaven.

Hannah’s Conceptualising Moment : “Joan and TK are such a warm and sincere couple, and I really love them. It was one wedding I teared a few times during moments they exchanged the vows, their speeches. And having witnessed their journey of coming together from the view of a planner, and seeing how they learnt to embrace each other brought a new meaning to me about Love. Joan always dreams of an English wedding, in some ways, she reminds me about myself, of all the little things I love about London – The Victorian Street, The quirky expressions of British, the famous Telephone Booth, the Concert Hall etc etc. She wants a classy and yet quirky expression of the uniqueness of London. TK, on the other hand, prefers something cozy, homely and close to heart. He puts more emphasis on ensuring the people he invited are taken care of, and how to entertain them well. So putting together with what both of them dream to have, this concept – English Love was created. We want the concept to be integrated to the interior of Island Ballroom, almost appearing as part of the existing structure, yet the English styling is clearly depicted.

Think of the Little Gallery you will have in an English mansion, the Little Concert Room, the icon of English Telephone Booth, The Street of London, and the all favourite Hats of English. I have asked Hari to create a Hat Floral centrepiece for me, and I knew that took a lot of intricate works and detailing.. and when all was done, it was a perfect illustration and completion of what I have in my mind. All was worth it!”