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The Scrapbook Love Story – Extraordinary Wedding Singapore

Rachel & Wilson was a couple recommended by our ex-couple. When we first heard their stories, it was Wilson’s quiet nature that captures our attention. Shy as he is, he actually took efforts to create a scrapbook for Rachel as his marriage proposal. That was how we begin our concept to make this love story larger than life.

Every design from the Foyer Scrapbook & Ceremony Area to the Stage designs were created in house by our Creative Director, Hannah, and our designers Nichelle & Maxine. We wanted to reflect the artistic flair of Rachel and her family, as well as be aware of the subtle beauty that the families appreciate.

We know the bespoke celebration must ooze out these 3 keys : Sophistication, Elegance & Beauty.

And we decide to work with a few contractors locally and overseas, all managed by our team. All Staging including Carpentry work, trussing and lightings as well as intricate wedding details like the invite design, the favours packaging  were all designed and directed by our team. For floral and foam works, we were very pleased to work with Nefi Decor from Jakarta to perfect the creative expressions. In the end, Hannah’s final precised lightings directions with our lightings contractors brought he wow creatives to the next level. We didn’t just have 3 dimensions of creative expressions, we create the 4th dimensions when the flight of the birds were made alive in the night.

Looking back, it was the journey of continued creativity and precision that brings the perfection. And on the actual day, we usually do not want to reveal the ballroom to the couple before the march in, but Rachel & Wilson couldn’t help to sneek in to take a peek. Rachel teared with happiness the moment she saw the stage, Wilson was speechless, and all they want to do then was to take pictures and more pictures. We know our job is done, and every effort was worth it.