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First Inaugural Touch Charity Ball Gala 2015 – The Team, The Marketplace Leaders and The Volunteers behind TCS

Hannah’s Conceptualising Moment : “I have previously known Touch Community Services (TCS) from church network, yet honestly, I have never really found out the depths of what this non-profit organisation has done for the community.

It was in one of those unexpected meet up, when a friend of mine introduced me to the management of Touch Community Services to discuss about how to create an event to raise funds, and for the first time, I have a personal heart to heart talk with the team that builds TCS, and the more I know their hearts, the more I know this is one charity I want to assist and support.”

Most leading charities focus on provision of relief aids, research of medical sciences for patients, TCS on the other hand is one of the few that focuses in providing after care services for the poor and needy as well as supporting hand in hand with other charities such as Community Chest, Red Cross etc. They spend efforts in teaching the poor how to take care of themselves, how to recover from the crisis, and their elderly and children after care programmes are ones that have garnered much appreciation from the community.

It was with those knowledge, I decided the only fair platform I could build for TCS is to educate the marketplace leaders what TCS really means to the community. And honestly, through the various interviews conducted among the volunteers, the management and the recipients, I teared at the end of the journey to truly understand, the needs are out there. This is one small portion we could do to support them. And in a short span of 3 months, we gathered the partners whom we want to work together, the team managed to raise double the amount of funds they initially forecasted. Through it all, I discover a fundamental truth – everything is possible, if we have faith and passion to embrace a call, it is a privilege to give than to receive “