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India – A Pop Art Hindi Party at Chennai

Hannah’s conceptualising moment : “This was a wedding that stretches my team to understand in all aspects how to listen carefully a bride’s dream in her vision of her wedding. We were hired 3 months prior to the wedding, and I could recall it was almost weekly of travel to Chennai- arriving in the midnight in India, and meeting started from 8am the next day, and then flying back again on the very night, and this was something I have to learn to get used to it.

I thought my role was just to transform the hotel so we spent much on designing all the sets, but I didnt expect what was important to my bride was the 58 dishes of India food we were briefed , and our next job is to propose detailed plating and cooking setting for each food station. Looking back, it was tough then, bcos the bride couldn’t have faith in what we do, but we pressed on to the final day because we cherished the partners that have recommended us, and the team of hotel sales, chefs and contractors who stood by us and whom we have enjoyed much working with. At the end, we were the first to complete a party setup 6 hours prior to the wedding reception time, and we received a surprised thank you note came from the bride’s contractors :

“Dear Hannah,
First and foremost thanks for your appreciation. I still remember our first meeting with you and Greg and the apprehension you had in handing over the entire fabrication to us. In fact, you wanted to bring guys from Singapore, even for pasting the floor stickers. I understand how discomforting it would have been for you, to trust and hand over this prestigious project to an unknown contractor. End of the day, we are happy that it had come up to your expectations and was well appreciated by all concerned.”
From all of us, we would like to once again thank you and team for giving us such a good design to work with. While we have done a number of events in the same venue, the way we both were able to transform the hall and the exterior, with your design, Himanshu’s illustrations and your engineer Bob’s lighting was amazing. It was a truly satisfying experience for us. Me and our team thorough enjoyed working with you and team and look forward to interacting with you in the near future.”

I learnt one thing : Never give up stretching yourself and  perfecting your vision, bcos the walls of Jericho will always come tumbling down 🙂