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St Regis Bridal Show 2014 – Manhattan Paradise

Hannah’s Conceptualising Moment: “St Regis is one of the few hotels that I really fall in love with. I love the reflective walls, and especially the skylights of John Jacob Ballroom that somehow bestows a spectacular sense of grandeur into that venue. Whenever we design a wedding set in the ballroom, the wedding will always look magnified and magical because of the reflective walls.

But what truly stands out as a great experience in planning a wedding in St Regis, is the complete sincerity and willingness demonstrated by the staff to support us and our couples to make the wedding a memorable experience. Be it the sales & marketing team, the banquet team, the bartender, the bell captain, and even the electrician, I feel at home whenever I am in St Regis. That is what truly matters. I don’t say this to many hotels, but this is one hotel I will consider when I have my own wedding one day.  And because of the relationship we have with the team, every event becomes spectacular.

This bespoke wedding show – A Storied Love Affair, was a great illustration of a great partnership with a committed and creative team. It was a wedding show that I have no issues to be one of the hosts, because it was very easy to say truthfully what I really feel about a place. So here is a recap of what we have created for our couples.
And the final conclusion after the show: Our couples came back sharing with us: how they felt how refreshing the show was versus what they have seen, they are equipped with in-depth understanding of how our partners work, but most importantly, St Regis met above their sales targets even with such a small intimate crowd.
That proves to us one very truth: when a team is focused and only envisioned the best for everyone including how we want to benefit our couples, we reap the rewards that go beyond our imaginations.”