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A Midsummer Night’s Dream at Alkaff Mansion

We always seek to create something different for every wedding. For this wedding, our Creative Director, Hannah decided to work with our in-house team to design our very own paper flowers and use it as the decorative elements for the wedding ceremony at Alkaff Mansion. The entire process of designing the floral mold to the installation of the paper flowers was a very memorable experience. Estimated 6000 floral parts, 1000 flowers, 650 hours created by a team of dedicated and passionate planners and designers to perfect the magical Gazebo of Paper Floral and the backdrop of the live stations.

The one memorable testament was the perfect weather that the crew witnessed in this setup. It had been raining for the entire month of December, and we knew that the paper floral gazebo would not be possible without a perfect weather plan. We always held on to Hannah’s ingenious quote : when there’s kindness, it will not rain, and for this couple, it will be a perfect weather”.

2 days prior to the wedding, the weather was hilarious, raining cats and dogs and when the team arrived for setup on 7 Dec at the wee hours of the morning, the rained stopped, and for the next 2 days, we experienced the best weather settings for this wedding. Truly Heaven is kind, and the groom first comments to his beloved bride and us was : Wow, unbelievable, do you see that, it is perfect weather. Everything is amazing and I love it!