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Oriental Beauty, Extraordinary Wedding at Marina Bay Sands

Zita & Charles’ wedding for 1300 guests took place in the Sands Ballroom at Marina Bay Sands Singapore. It was a wedding that was planned and produced within 1.5 months, in spite of the scale, and which we proudly pulled off with success and compliments with our Clients and their guests.

The couple’s upbringing in their respective home countries (Hong Kong and Singapore) were dominantly traditional Chinese, with values of developing strong family bonds and solid foundations of marriage were inculcated. Having gone through a detailed interview with the Couple, we realized their chance meeting appeared to be pre-destined and hence, the keywords of “Heavenly Love” and “Paradise” rung strong. We decided to expand these words to make the concept understandable and decided to make it possible through the use of obvious symbols of the crane which symbolized family ties, and the peacock, which symbolized oriental beauty.

We wanted to create the concept with every detail revolving around the elements of Oriental Beauty, as well as displaying symbols that illustrate the meaning of familial bonds and everlasting love. The Birds of Paradise became the inspiration for our design, and the symbols of the heavenly cranes and peacocks were distinctively seen in the stationery, staging and other wedding details. It was a design concept that speaks of Love, Family and Celebration.