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Seychelles – The Unbelievable Transformation of a Beach Viewing Deck

Hannah’s conceptualising moment : ” When Priscille called me in 2009, and told me she was from Seychelles and she wanted to ask if we could create her wedding at her hometown, honestly at that very instance, I have no idea where the island of Seychelles was. I was excited and yet at the same time I was pretty apprehensive. The next we knew she flew over to see us, and we were commissioned to do the job. It was one of those projects that Heaven sent to further expand our vision of destination weddings.

In fact, the venue Le Meridien Fisherman’s Cove was not the first choice for Priscille & Joel, it was another hotel which I couldn’t identify with as a perfect representation of Seychelles resort. Nevertheless, as a planner, my role is to create what the clients asked you to do. I recalled after few days of meetings at the first resort, just before I left for Singapore, Priscille asked me where do I fancy for lunch. My immediate reply was : Let’s go to Le Meridien Fisherman’s Cove, and it was just there, I turnaround and ask my bride – why didnt we chose this place. She never thought the hotel could accommodate her guestlist of 300 pax, bcos the restaurant can only house half of that no. max, but knowing Hannah, I was stubborn, and I asked to meet the GM, and it was that unexpected lunch, we sold the idea to the General Manager, and got him excited to transform the viewing gallery of Le Meridien Fisherman’s Cove into a dining experience no one in Seychelles can fathom of. Imagine installing and building trellis for 400sqm stretch of space, it was crazy but it was a worthy call to make it happen. At the end of the event, I asked Priscille’s dad a sincere heart to heart question : So do you still regret hiring me as the planner? and clearly his reply was : “Never “. He and his families have understood and seen the creative vision I have to fulfill the dream of his beautiful daughter.”