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The Inaugural Touch Charity Ball 2015

When we were first approached to create an event to raise funds for Touch Community Services(TCS) Eldely Care, it was almost near end march 2015, and when we have had 3 months to create an event and gather the sponsors, we didnt think we could make it honestly, esp it was also during a period where we were packed with few other big events.

Our Directors, Hannah & Kim after their one to one session with the management of TCS, came back and informed us that we were going to support this non-profit organisation and help them to achieve the goals. In fact, it was very interesting, because earlier in 2015, both of them told us that one of the things they want to see the team achieve in 2015 was to do something good for the community, and just as they spoke, a call from TCS came and next we knew we were in to create an event in 3 months time.

What was impactful of this event was for the first time, we get to meet the recipients, and have an opportunity to really work with the team and volunteers supporting a charity.The more we know the vision of TCS, the more we believe it is a worthy call to share their vision to many in Singapore.
It was an event where we meet many like-minded marketplace leaders, and how each of them does their own part to serve the community. We are truly honoured to be a part to see this vision comes into completion.