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The Roaring 20s Party at St Regis Singapore

Hannah’s conceptualising moment : “This was one wedding I designed merely based on the knowledge I know of the groom alone. Joe has produced many events in his fields, and he knows how to create a great event, so to him, to find someone who understands how to whip a good party is even more important. When I realised he loves music, and plays in band, the roaring 20s theme simply came into my mind, I wanted Manhattan broadway musical to come into life, with jazz band and even dancers if I could. At that time, the Great Gatsby movie was not even created. All I have was a creative vision, and that was how we started.

Interestingly, those times, despite how huge my project was, I have a fair share of amazing couples who didnt even ask much about artist impressions, designs, mockups etc. In fact, the first time I met my bride, Amy was during the food tasting and her first remark was : I thought I am here for tasting, I didnt expect any floral mockup. Such was the faith my clients have had for us in those times, and frankly I miss those times. There were no instagrams, no pinterest, no facebook. It was just me and my imagination to internalise the dream of my client.

You know what’s the best joy to receive, on that very day, while we were still crazily setting up at noon : Joe came in and took a look, and we were still frantically running around supervising contractors, and the only remark I received from him was :Wow, even at this instance, this already surpasses my expectations. I have not expected such a huge staging.”  That’s the joy of we love to do : we want to wow our clients and their guests and create the party they would have never imagined before.”