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Vineyard Fantasy at Alkaff Mansion

This is a wedding that speaks forth of what we are passionate about and what we strive to do for our couple.
During the journey of planning and conceptualisation, there were always be some elements of doubts from the couple whether we could eventually deliver what we have proposed. This is a common learning process we would encounter, and I am kinda get used to it bcos it is hard to imagine what our mind is creating. Despite that, somehow we knew what we have been brewing and fine-tuning in our mind and behind the scenes, many would not have imagined. We knew we needed to persevere and deliver every intricate detailing from concepts to actual deliverables in precision, one that many have yet to imagine.

It was a project worth revealing and we knew very well on that very night, when our lovely groom and bride walked in to the transformed look of Alkaff Mansion marquee including covering its existing featured waterfall, many were amazed. No one could imagine we have totally covered up an existing fountain feature and transformed it into a Brickwall filled with Beer Barrels and flowers. It was the Vineyard Fantasy my groom has ever dreamt of.

When the “thank yous” notes came, I was comforted, bcos the pursuit in our passion is made up of much perseverance and faith. And we did it once again. Thank God for a great team that stood by us, regardless all factors. I remembered clearly 2 days before my groom asked : what if it rains, sorry I know I have to ask this again”, and I replied with a cheeky smile : sorry Ming, can I reiterate this again certainly with Alkaff’s team agreeing with me. In our events esp in Alkaff Mansion, it will always be perfect weather. Bcos there is no dream wedding to deliver if Heaven is not on our side”.
And that night, it was a perfect skyline from Heaven!!! Truly, faith begets faith, passion begets passion.