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Vision of Leap Inspire Conference

Hannah’s Vision: “10 years ago, I have been dreaming of gathering like-minded people in the Creative and Special Events Industry for the longest time. It was a dream seemingly not able to come true then. When I first started in the wedding planning business, the journey was very lonely, everyone viewed you as an upcoming competitor to watch out for, and I often wonder who would be my co-partners. I invested and travelled all around the world to learn, and every time I was in a US conference, I reminded myself again and again, one day I would create a sharing platform for Asia.

And it took me 12 years to finally see that happen. I want to thank God for bringing Kim into my life, to believe in my vision, and to trust my leadership to lead her into greater heights that she can never have imagined. To me, I don’t see fellow planners as competitors, I have always seen them as collaborators, and I am glad I found 2 good pals like Kim and Anna from Spellbound Weddings. Often, competitions that are perceived wrongly create a lot of strife and the gossip around or within the industry harden your hearts, and you fail to see the joy of coming together. I have to go through these again and again through years of moulding and humbling, and I finally understood : to excel and grow is to first give and let go.

So I believe Leap Inspire 2016 is just the beginning and many more of such platforms will come and arise in Asia. And in this conference, we have witnessed how the conference has sparked off new relationships, foster new partnerships and most important install a level of trust and integrity in this industry for excellence and growth in the coming years.”